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I was training for a sprint triathlon and nearing the end of a 12-mile ride. I was riding on a straight road (with a bike lane) and going about 17 mph into a pretty stiff wind. I was focused on my pedaling and trying to put a bit more energy into making a good time. All of the sudden, I saw a white van in front of me! And that's where my memory ends. The van had come from the opposite direction and turned left directly in front of me. I rode my bike straight into it with my face leading the way. I smashed into it and broke my jaw and nearly tore my ear off. After five days in the hospital and two surgeries, I came home with my mouth wired shut.

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Kavikrut I met with a motorcycle accident when I ran into some dogs on a highway in rural India. Most days I wear a helmet but this one fateful day I wasn't. Got stitches on my chin, lost 4 teeth, suffered from bruises on the face, arm and knees and the big injury was lower jaw fracture om the joint which connects it to the upper jaw. Was wired for 6 weeks.
Gloria I broke my jaw going over my handlebars riding my bike to pilates. Apparently I got my yoga mat caught up in my front wheel. I had broken both of the hinges and between my last and 2nd to last molar on the right. So I had the right hinge plated and the molar area plated, but there were too many fragments to do anything on the left.
Tammy I had my wisdom teeth out and 5 days later tried eating Cinnamon Raisin bread and heard a crunching noise like teeth breaking. Another 2 days go by and I try to eat some chicken and get the same noise. After that it goes down hill fast. I can no longer chew, close my mouth all the way, talk correctly, etc. I return to the Oral Surgeon to find out I broke my jaw in 2 places.
Andrea My 12 yr old son was in a baseball game and was hit by a pitch.
Betsy I have just recently broken my jaw from a running accident. I tripped on some screws that were protruding from the sidewalk left from the removal of park benches. I had surgery to repair the jaw and have been on a liquid diet for about 4 weeks.
Michael I was playing a lacrosse game, got checked, and fractured my jaw in two places.
Cissy I broke my jaw while walking (?) my 2 lab mixes who went for a cat they saw.
Loree My jaw was broken when my daughter's horse kicked me. The silly beast stole my cell phone and I just wanted it back, he just wanted to play keep away.
Desiree I broke my jaw windsurfing. My jaw was broken in one place, right below the joint. I was wired one week after the accident and I was totally wired shut for 3 weeks.
Chandler I have TMJ anklosis. I have had it since I was 5... I have had 30 surgerys. Four were on my hip, but my mouth has been wired shut twice.
Lenise My husband was attacked while exiting the subway and had his jaw broken on each side.
Heather ...All of a sudden I felt very dizzy, so I sat down in the chair, but unfortunately thought it would be better to lay down on the couch. I made it about 3 steps before I passed out, with my chin breaking my fall on the hardwood floor. Next thing I know I'm on the floor spitting out broken pieces of teeth, discovering I have a gash on my chin. Long story short - three fractures in my jaw, six broken teeth, and ten stitches on my chin.
Thomas I broke my jaw on a bike ride. My tire got caught in a street car track in Berlin. I had only a small cut on my chin, 6 stiches but the jaw was broken in the front center and near the tmj. I have 2 metal plates in my front jaw. Was wired shut for 2 weeks.
Ricardo About mile 12 of a 60 mile ride I got wobbly, left the road and crashed into a lovely stone wall. Dunno if my front fork broke or whatever but nevertheless I got broke. Jaw in 2 places, bunch of teeth, nice helmet and a couple of fingers. Fingers getting pinned tomorrow. Jaw is wired for at least 6 weeks then I have pleasure of a few implants, root canals, crowns, caps and maybe even veneers..yum!
Tiffany I was in a bad car accident. My jaw was broken in the front and dislocated on both sides. Along with the bone popping out of my right shoulger an countless stitches on my face and knee.
Sheila My 14-year old son broke his jaw while at school. He and his buddies were being typical teenagers and messing around and my son ended up running (quite literally) into a door that one of his friends shut on him right before he made it through. He ended up breaking his jaw in two places and now has it wired shut for 4-6 weeks.
Rebecca I crashed head first off of my bike going about 40 miles an hour, into a ravine full of rocks. Had the jaw fractures, bones in my face came out, lost part of my tongue and most of my teeth, and a lot of facial scarring, so have had quite the year of reconstruction and yep, I blended just about everything you can!
Marsha My 15 year old son and his friend were playing some sort of “tag game” with rocks (HOW DUMB IS THAT) my son took a baseball size rock to the jaw.
Craig I had a grand mal seizure while walking and did a total faceplant with direct contact of the concrete driveway on my chin. I broke both joints on either side of my head and shattered the right side of my lower jaw in 4 pieces requiring screws to close each fracture.
Gretchen I was jogging, making a turn and lost my footing on uneven slate paving, and fell chin first into the slate. I didn't know my jaw was broken for 5 days!
Laura During cheer practice for school, my flyer was doing a kick double full and on the way down didn't finish the turn and elbowed me in the face.
Taylor I had a horseback riding accident. I was jumping and there was a thunderclap and my horse took off and charged into the jump. I ended up breaking my left wrist and fracturing my jaw in multiple places (part of my jaw bone even came through the skin).
John S I broke my jaw bull riding. I got hung up after getting bucked off, and his horn caught the bottom of my jaw. Broke my jaw and my nose.