Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
Can I talk? Yes - surprisingly you can. Just give it a try - you will be more legible than you would have imagined.
How do I "eat"? Gently suck through a straw - don't strain - or just slurp off a spoon.
What blender should I buy?

Depends on your budget. If you can afford $400, then go for a powerful blender like the Vita-Mix, or the TotalBlender. If not, then here are some other recommendations:

  • Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004 ($60 - $80)
  • Ninja Ultima ($200 - $300)
  • Immersion Blender - Cuisinart Smart Stick ($30 - 50)
  • L'Equip 228 ($160)
  • Bosch Porsche MMB2000 ($100)
I am losing too much weight. What can I do? Drink more calories - and get more protein! Use whole milk, add butter to soups, have more milkshakes with real ice cream. Consider a supplement from the health food store to add calories and protein. (GNC has several products to choose from.)
How can I get more protein? Add whey protein powder in smoothies or shakes during the day; use casein protein at night.
Can I drink alcohol? It's not the best idea. You really do need to maintain a good sense of yourself.
Should I take liquid vitamins? You probably don't need to if you're making nutritious smoothies and having an instant breakfast (or Ensure) every day. Plus, the liquid vitamins might stain your teeth.
My lips are very chapped/dry. Try Vasleline Lip Therapy - Advanced Formula.
My mouth feels mushy or dry. Cut down on your sodium and juices. Have more yogurt, soy milk, and regular milk.
What if I am naeseous? Your doctor should have supplied you with wire clippers to keep with you at all times. Use them if you need to.
Can I blend meat?

Yes - if you have a very powerful blender like the Vita-Mix, the TotalBlender, or the Ninja Ultima.

If you have a basic blender, things like hot dogs can be blended (according to Jon), which provides a lot of options since hot dogs come in so many forms these days. Boil the hot dogs first and then blend them with some beans and/or water to thin it out.

Can I blend pasta? Similar answer as above for meat... BUT - without a very powerful blender, you won't have success with pasta. Just buy the baby food pastas. It took me an hour to clean the blender after attempting to blend macaroni and cheese; and the inability to eat it was a big disappointment.
Does it hurt when they remove the wiring? See Unwired tips.
What can I eat after I'm unwired? See Unwired tips.
Achoo? Stifle that sneeze. It won't feel good. Fortunately, you don't sneeze much with your mouth wired shut.
Can I exercise? Gentle exercise (like walking) is good if it doesn't cause any pain. This is not the time for running, tennis, or any other contact sport. You should not strain yourself.
The metal and wires in my mouth hurt my lips/gums. Any ideas? Get wax from an orthodontist and apply to the rough areas. Vincent also suggests buying wax ear plugs, cutting into small pieces, roll into little balls and attach to the metal that is rubbing.
Other helpful sites? Shock and Jaw